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Bagasse-based Paper-making in the Coming Decade


This paper deals with aspects of bagasse as a feedstock for paper making, its ability in restoration of environmental balance, manage carbon concentration in atmosphere and in lowering impact on environment. Also this paper emphasises on Success story of Seshasayee paper and boards limited to promote and run Paper - Sugar Complex for more than 3 decades and its continual efforts to enhance share of bagasse in paper furnish.


Current Paper Production with Bagasse and Expected Growth

By 2030, outlook of Sugarcane Paper production will be 520 Million Tons with 10.75% recovery. Out of that, 60% will directly go to manufacturing of sugar, 15% for ethanol and 25% will be for cattle filed, jaggery and seeding. This Paper focuses on 2 points in the coming decade - Availability of Bagasse & Why Bagasse fiber is preferable for paper Bagasse-based Paper-making in the Coming Decade Ganesh B. Bhadti making. In Future, the Growth of sugar industry will be decided by the following parameters which affect growth of sugar industry in coming decade

Availability of Bagasse for Pulping in India will depend on; Sugar consumption (demand) pattern in Globe as well as in India in coming decade. Government policy to avoid circularity of sugar industry & New Bio fuel policy 2018 of Govt. of India, with focus on blending ethanol in coming decade.

Bagasse fiber is preferable fiber for Paper Making in coming decade mainly due to; Excess Bagasse production in future with reduced power demand for nation from Sugar cogeneration, Fibre demand in future with limited wood resource available, Sugarcane - a champion crop for Carbon sequestration, Life cycle Impact assessment of Bagasse based paper over Harwood based paper and Favourable circular Economy with Sugarcane cultivation in rural areas.

Sugar consumption (Demand) pattern in India in Coming decade: It will lead to the availability of Bagasse depending on Growth of Sugar Industry and Many Other influencing factors.

Demand of Sugar for Soft drinks and confectionery: With higher demand for processed products, sugar-rich confectionery and soft drinks, growth prospects are high in urban areas in Asian and African countries where the levels of consumption are low compared to other regions. Conversely, little growth is foreseen in Latin America and the Caribbean where consumption is already high. Per capita consumption is very low in China and LDC Asia, less than 12 kg per year during the base period, but the annual Growth rate in those countries

Current Paper Production of Bagasse and Expected Growth - CPPRI

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