Mr. K.S
Mr. A.S. Mehta, President, IPMA and President & Executive Director, JK Paper Ltd
Mr. Pramod Agarwal, President, IARPMA
Anil Kumar Sr Vice President IARPMA.
Anil Kumar Sr Vice President IARPMA
Mr. Pankaj Agarwal, Managing Director, Bindlass Duplex Ltd.
Dr. Shekhar Desarda, Managing Director, Parason Machinery India Pvt. Ltd.
Dr. René Van Berkel, UNIDO
Representative and Head, Regional Office in India
Mr. Vinay Jain, Managing Director, MLM India Ltd.
Review Process

The manuscripts received will be submitted for peer review by sending them to the reviewers. The paper will be sent to minimum of two reviewers familiar with the topic area to evaluate the suitability of the paper for publication.

Reviewers would submit their comments with clear recommendations about suitability of the paper for publication. They may request revisions in the manuscript before publication. The authors will be communicated about the comments of the reviewers and to submit the revised manuscript at the earliest for second judgement of the reviewers on the revised paper. After passing the review stage, the necessary information’s and approvals will be sought by INPAPER INTERNATIONAL Journal from the authors. Subsequently the paper will be accepted for publication and the same will be communicated to the authors.


Papers recommended for publication by the reviewers will be scheduled for the forthcoming issues of the journal and if accepted for publication, will be published in full in INPAPER INTERNATIONAL Journal.

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